Payleven, the mobile payment solution provider that was incubated by Germany’s Rocket Internet, is continuing its international expansion with a launch in Italy.

More importantly, Payleven has released an API for developers, essentially enabling third parties to integrate the Square clone’s payment solution into their own apps.

Like Square or European rival iZettle, Payleven’s solution turns a smartphone or tablet into a card terminal, enabling small businesses and mobile service providers to accept card payments.

Coincidentally, iZettle just released an API a few months ago. Square doesn’t yet offer one, but has it in the works.

Payleven hasn’t dedicated any online space to its API, and says interested developers should email to request more info.

Payleven is now available in Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the UK and Italy, with Spain likely up next.

The company recently landed a “double-digit million euro” funding round from several global VC firms, including New Enterprise Associates, Holtzbrinck Ventures and ru-Net.

Its incubator, Rocket Internet, is also cloning Stripe with ‘Paymill’.

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