Samsung’s hopes of overturning a US sales injunction on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 have been dashed after District Judge Lucy Koh dismissed the company’s request, instead opting to wait on an impending appeals court decision, AllThingsD reports.

The Korean company moved quickly to appeal the injunction against its flagship tablet, laid down in June, after a US jury ruled that the device did not infringe upon Apple patents, as part of the historic Apple-Samsung verdict last month.

That nugget was a rare positive that Samsung took from the decision, which saw a $1.2 billion fine levied on the company.

There was a bright spot to Judge Koh’s warning late on Monday (US time) however, as she admitted that Samsung’s motion raised “substantial issues”, which could see the appeals court refer a future decision on the injunction back to her.

The appeals court is due to meet in December to review a range of topics following the trial, including additional damages sought by Apple, the potential for sales injunctions on Samsung devices and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 appeal.

A worst case scenario could see further sales injunctions placed on Samsung devices, making the appeal for the Galaxy Tab — which appears to have some promise — all the more significant.

Image via Flickr / liewcf