Finnish phone maker Nokia is is unveiling a new line of Lumia smartphones running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 today.

We’re frantically liveblogging the Nokia Lumia launch event in New York, but here’s an interesting note that was shared by Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore (who heads the team doing Windows Phone product definition and design) and deserves to be highlighted separately. Are you ready?

One of the new upcoming features in Windows Phone 8 is: screenshots!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the mobile operating system will now allow people to snap screenshots by pressing the home and power buttons simultaneuously.

Screenshots can subsequently be shared on social networks and shared to a variety of photo sharing sites and cloud storage services.

We actually knew this was coming, but hey, at least it took Microsoft only a couple of years.

If it’s a good enough reason for consumers to ‘switch to Lumia’ en masse remains to be seen.

In addition to adding screenshot capturing ability, Microsoft showed off a completely revamped camera app and more.