While there’s no shortage of streaming music offerings out there, Canadians are getting a unique option today with the release of Public Mobile‘s service Siren Music. It’s an unlimited data package, combined with unlimited streaming from the Canadian labels of Warner Music, Universal and Sony. The service is only available on Android phones at the moment with the app being created by Livewire Mobile.

It’s a unique offering to say the least. Public Mobile is the only carrier to offer unlimited music streaming that doesn’t go against any data cap. Though we don’t have pricing information for the plan just yet, music fans are promised “millions” of tracks. There are other streaming music choices in Canada, but the combination of unlimited data with the service might be enough to tip some users over to Public Mobile’s offering.

What’s interesting is that Public Mobile already offers an unlimited 3G CDMA data package. It’s unclear whether this new combination will have a different price point, or what it will offer in order to pull people away from using existing services.

Public Mobile is still a young company, launched only in 2010. With a focus on consumers who have lower income, bundling highly-desired services such as unlimited data and music streaming should help the company to push forward with its growth.