AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega had hinted that they were coming, but today the US operator has announced its new Mobile Share plans, allowing customers to combine up to ten devices to a shared data plan and make it easier to manage data, calls and texts.

AT&T says that existing customers can keep their existing plans but if you do switch over to the shared plans, which incorporate both individual and family tiers, you won’t extend the length of of your contract with the carrier.

If a shared plan sounds like it would be more beneficial over your existing setup, all you have to do it tell AT&T how much data you want to use a month, and then choose up to ten devices to add to your plan. One of those devices has to be a smartphone and the bigger the plan, the lower the data cost.

Plans are somewhat costly, but if you are managing a good number of contracts already, it may help consolidate your monthly spend and give you scope to add more mobile devices in the future.

For more details, check out AT&T’s Mobile Share website and decide if the new plans will benefit you. If not, you can always remain on your current plan, with no pressure to switch.