Twitter has today announced that people using Nokia’s Series 40 ‘feature phones’ will now have their very own Twitter app.

The app is available today and allows you to sign up for Twitter, read tweets from accounts and use the ‘connect’ features of Twitter.

Despite the fact that smartphones get the majority of media attention these days, there are still hundreds of millions of people that use ‘feature phones’ that have access to apps and basic organizer functions. This is especially true in developing markets like Inda and Africa, where Nokia phones are still massively popular.

The app appears to look very similar to the mobile version of Twitter’s official app, but with the menu bar located at the bottom, rather than the top. Twitter recently detailed its efforts to build the mobile version of its app out to reach the most devices possible.

It also recently launched a partnership with MediaTek to embed its app on a bunch of other feature phones. Facebook also launched a partnership with Mediatek in November 2011. Twitter is clearly tackling developing markets head-on as it attempts to make the service available to everyone, regardless of whether they have a modern smartphone or not.

Twitter for Nokia

Image Credit: Bill McChesney