The smartphone market is as competitive as ever, with Apple and Samsung winning the majority share of handset sales. If you’re in the market for an Android device, the top two smartphones you can buy have to be the HTC One X and the recently released Samsung Galaxy S III.

HTC knows it has to play its ace cards in order to provide real competition to Samsung’s flagship — which is why it has prepared special packs to demonstrate to its sales teams why the One X is (in its view) better than its rival.

The team at Indian location-based search engine PriceBaba got their hands on one such pack, which lists ‘countering objections’, specification comparisons and a display showdown, proudly declaring that the One X is the winner:

It’s obvious to see that HTC has skewed the results to read better but the company is ensuring that its sales representatives have an answer to counter specific Galaxy S III features.

It goes to show how bullish HTC has become in its attempts to rejuvenate and boost smartphone business after a year of falling sales and poor revenues.

Will it work? Early reports suggest that the Galaxy S III is selling extremely well and HTC has been forced to revise its Q2 outlook following low European sales and blocks at US customs. We’ll just have to wait and see.