The advertising and analytics company Chitika has released its monthly manufacturer market share report for May, 2012 and the results show most brands holding steady. One standout statistic is that, out of all manufacturers, Apple’s devices hold an insane usage lead at 64% in the U.S..

That number puts Apple’s usage numbers across Chitika’s network at 10 times its closest competitor, Samsung. The network says that Apple’s share of the market should get another uptick when it releases an expected new version of its iPhone later this year.

RIM gets a sad little uptick, but the report says to expect that to slide as the company continues to disintegrate. As a small note, both ZTE and Huawei had gains as the third-tier manufacturers expand their North American presence.

Chitika compiles these reports by analyzing the unique impressions seen originating from mobile devices within the Chitika Ad network and determined the share of these impressions represented by each respective operating system by analyzing the user agent of each device. You can read the methodology behind their Mobile Dominance tracker here, which explains their basic process.