Earlier today we ran a story – as did many, many other publications – about Apple’s iPhone 4S-only service Siri recommending people to buy the Nokia Lumia 900 when asking what the ‘best smartphone ever’ is. OMG, right?

Siri bases its answer on search engine Wolfram Alpha for the most part, which itself draws from a limited set of data and just a handful of user reviews, so of course it wasn’t really a decent answer to the question.

Not that it stopped Microsoft from mentioning it on the Windows Phone blog

But, as others have pointed out (hi MG!), it doesn’t really mean anything.

It was funny, though. Wanna know what else is funny?

When you ask the Nokia Lumia 800 in my case what the best smartphone ever is – thus using Microsoft’s TellMe service in combination with Bing – the first result you will get is this Business Insider article with the following headline:

Yes, The iPhone Is Still The Best Smartphone You Can Buy.

Ha. Thanks for clearing that one up for us, Lumia.

Now please, everyone, get back to work, or to enjoying your weekend.

(Hat tip goes to Bloomberg News’ Alex Sherman, who pointed this out to me).