Digital content delivery app Flipboard has launched new Content Guides specifically for readers in Australia, Canada, and the UK & Ireland, delivering more relevant recommendations to Flipboard users in those countries.

Flipboard has already rolled out Content Guides for readers in China, France, Taiwan and Hong Kong, automatically downloading the local edition of their Content Guide when they select the red ribbon in the top-right corner of the Flipboard app.

In December, Flipboard launched a Chinese version of its app, customised entirely for local users. The separate app aggregates content from Sina’s news site, Weibo — a popular, Twitter-like service — and Renren — which is loosely described as a Facebook clone —  and other non-Chinese sources.

Co-founder and chief executive Mike McCue noted that the company made an early move into Chinese cyberspace to take advantage of the large number of Internet users and establish a presence to combat piracy.

The company says that it will soon make it easier to browse recommendations for different countries within Flipboard itself, instead of requiring users to amend options in the app’s settings panel.