Sony Chief Confirms Honeycomb Tablet Incoming [Updated]

Sony Chief Confirms Honeycomb Tablet Incoming [Updated]

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Sony CEO Howard Stringer has confirmed that Sony will be releasing an Android tablet this year, telling the Nikkei newspaper that its Honeycomb-powered device will launched in the US by the “end of the summer”.

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It’s possible that the tablet Stringer references confirms the existence of a PlayStation Certified Tegra 2-powered tablet that features a special “wrap” design.

Engadget suggests the new tablet could have a 9.4-inch display with a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, featuring VAIO content creator, Qriocity media streaming platform and PlayStation gaming. Bravia technology, USB ports and infra-red ports are also said to be included.

Stringer was said to have announced Sony was developing a tablet at the same event where he also let slip the electronics giant was to supply Apple with 8-megapixel sensors for its new iPhone model.

We have reached out to Sony for comment and will update as soon as we receive a reply.

Update: A spokesperson from Sony confirmed that the company was readying a tablet device, issuing a statement saying that the company “plans to introduce the tablet into the market by the end of this year”.

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