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Android Wear gets its first big update with offline music syncing and GPS

One of the issues with wearables is that many of them need to stay connected to a smartwatch at all times. Android Wear has been no different. But an update… Keep reading →


Facebook Messenger update for iOS lets you draw on photos before sending


Apple just introduced a SIM that you don’t have to replace when you switch carriers

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 18.04.19

Apple Has Sold 225 Million iPads Worldwide

1015_puls Introduces the Puls Smartwatch


Blackberry Passport Review: For Every Benefit, a Compromise


Iliad Drops Acquisition Bid of T-Mobile


UK Is Using White Space Spectrum to Livestream Meerkats

Microsoft Introduces New Generation Of Their Surface Tablets

Current Surface Pro Accessories Will Work With Future Device