Microsoft today updated its Kinect for Windows software development kit (SDK) 2.0 public preview with more than 200 improvements. The new version is available from the same place: as a direct download on

The release includes the Kinect Fusion tool kit, which provides higher resolution camera tracking and performance, as well as “substantial” improvements in the tooling, specifically around Visual Gesture Builder (VGB) and Kinect Studio. Microsoft is also offering 10 new samples and promising an overall “more stable, more feature-rich” release.

This is the first update to the public preview since its release just last month along with the accompanying v2 sensor. At the time, a final version was slated for “in a few months” and the company still hasn’t provided an update regarding the timeframe. Once SDK 2.0 arrives, developers will be able to start submitting their apps to the Windows Store and companies will be able to make their v2 solutions available commercially (this SDK will not work with the original Kinect).

Thumbnail image credit: Microsoft