Skype today updated its modern Windows app (read: Metro version) with two new availability options. You can download the new release now directly from the Windows Store.

Here’s the Skype 2.7 for modern Windows changelog:

  • Invisible – This option lets you still receive incoming messages, but without others knowing you’re there to read them. Just like with SMSes, you can choose to respond now or later.
  • Sign out – Although Skype had this option before, it was removed a few versions ago, and now it’s back again. In other words, you can once again choose not to receive any messages at all.

Skype’s argument for the second feature seems to imply users were annoyed that the feature was removed: “While more and more applications are moving to being always on and always connected, it’s an interesting challenge to balance the user need to be always plugged in while managing intrusion.” It’s worth reminding everyone that as of Skype 2.6, only Windows 8.1 is supported.

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Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images