At its Build 2014 conference today, Microsoft announced plans to bring its just-announced universal Windows apps to the Xbox. This means developers will not only be able to build cross-platform Windows apps for PCs, phones, and tablets, but also for the company’s flagship console.

Microsoft also plans to let these apps run in a window on Windows 8.1 for the desktop. This is clearly yet another move to appease mouse-and-keyboard users.


Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s EVP of Operating Systems Group, revealed that the Xbox is actively used in 80 million televisions in living rooms around the world, and that the typical Xbox owner uses the console for an average of five hours. He then dove right into showing how developers will be able to take advantage of Visual Studio to build the same app for Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox.

Myerson also discussed Kinect for Windows v2, which Microsoft has been teasing for months, while he added that DirectX 12 technologies will be brought not only to the PC, but also to phones and the Xbox too.

Feature Image Credit – GLENN CHAPMAN/AFP/Getty Images