Microsoft is offering Xbox One owners the chance to enroll in a beta program for Project Spark, a free-to-play title that lets players create their own worlds and personalized gameplay scenarios.

Developer Team Dakota launched an initial beta program for Windows 8.1 in December last year, quickly receiving over 250,000 registrations. The final game will be cross-platform though, allowing players to start a creation on their PC and then add the finishing touches on their Xbox One. To that end, Team Dakota is broadening the beta today so that it can receive more feedback and tweak the final build, which is expected to go on sale this year.

The game takes inspiration from LittleBigPlanet, Minecraft and Disney Infinity, with pre-generated content that users can unlock or tweak for their own levels. The visual style lies somewhere between Lord of the Rings and the Fable franchise from Lionhead Studios, which should give it a broad appeal.

You can sign up for the Project Spark beta here. Microsoft says Windows 8.1 testers should receive access to the Xbox One version automatically.

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