Microsoft today announced the launch of Facebook Login APIs for Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Developers can now rely on Facebook Login to tap into the service’s social graph to build enhanced apps and games, as well as increase revenue opportunities.

Facebook Login for Windows Phone 8 is being launched as a beta. Microsoft expects the beta period to last no more than 60 days, and is asking developers to try it out and provide feedback.

Facebook Login for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is, however, ready to use in production applications as of today. Facebook Login for all three platforms offers the following features for consumers:

  • Login to an app with a single click or tap, re-using the Facebook credentials stored on the device.
  • Share high scores and other app events to Facebook.
  • Engage in social interactions like playing games against friends or find new opponents.
  • Easily access and share photos within the context of an app.

Here’s an example of Facebook Login for Windows Phone:


Here’s an example of Facebook Login for Windows:


Microsoft says Facebook Login support is part of its promise to help developers build connected apps that target both Windows and Windows Phone. This in turn drives user adoption, the company argues, as getting past the identity screen is what blocks most people from trying as well as using a new app.

In fact, Microsoft has already gotten a few companies on board to leverage Facebook Login in their Windows and Windows Phone apps, including Foursquare, Adobe, and iHeartRadio. Other app makers that use Facebook Login on Android and iOS will likely follow suit.

Facebook Login for Windows Phone | Facebook Login for Windows

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