Following the release of Windows 8.1 yesterday, Microsoft today announced it has launched a new version of for users on its latest OS. Everyone else (Windows 8 and older, Mac, Linux, and so on) will be getting the new over the coming weeks.

If you’re on Windows 8.1 today, here’s what you should be seeing and what everyone else can expect to see soon:

honoluluWeather thumb 2FFFED8F 730x1206 Microsoft rolls out new version of to Windows 8.1 users, coming to everyone else in the coming weeks

Microsoft also noted that Bing Smart Search, which it calls “a new way to experience search” has arrived on Windows 8.1. It replaces endless rows of blue-links with a design specifically for touch (swipe or type from the Start Screen to find documents on your PC, photos in the cloud, apps, and sites). More details for this Windows 8.1-specific Bing Smart Search (again, this is separate from the you see above) are available below.

Windows 8 Search

Top Image Credit: AFP/Getty Images