Today Microsoft has made Windows 8.1 Preview, the precursor to its long-awaited update of Windows 8, available for download by the public.

How can I get my hands on Windows 8.1 Preview, you might be wondering? Just follow the steps below:

  • Back up all your files on your Tablet and/or PC.
  • Go to the Windows 8.1 Preview page, where you’ll be asked to install a small update that allows Windows 8 to offer Windows 8.1 Preview through the Windows Store.
  • Reboot your PC. You’ll be asked to install Windows 8.1 Preview at login.
  • To proceed with the install, click on “Go to the Store.” You’ll be taken to the Window Store page for Windows 8.1 Preview.
  • Click on “Download.”

Expected changes in Windows 8.1 include a revamped start page and a newly designed Windows Store.

What do you think of the preview edition? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images