Today a report in Nikkei (paywall), covered by Reuters, states that Microsoft will bring gaming titles from the PC and Xbox platforms to Apple’s iPhone through a partnership with the Japanese gaming firm Klab.

Specifically, Nikkei claims that the Microsoft software will be brought to iOS through use of Google’s Android operating system. If true, that detail will imply a rather thick layer of wrapping for the original titles; performance becomes an immediate concern.

It is not clear how many titles will be included in the deal. TNW has a request for comment and clarification in to Microsoft at the moment. However, Reuters does directly mention Microsoft’s Age of Empires title, presumably the online version, as a game that will make the leap. Other games will arrive by the end of fiscal 2013.

That Microsoft is taking its games to other platforms isn’t surprising, but is notable as it does represent some form of tacit support for a rival to its own Windows Phone mobile efforts.

Top Image Credit: Sean MacEntee