Oracle has revealed plans to announce new technology partnerships Microsoft, Salesforce and Netsuite in the coming week, the company revealed during an earnings call on Friday.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Satya Nadella, the President of the firm’s Server and Business Tools division, and Oracle President Mark Hurd will kick things off on Monday with a conference call at 12:30pm Pacific to share details of the new collaboration.

Judging by Seeking Alpha’s transcript of today’s proceedings, the announcement is related to a new 12C product that provides multi-tenant functionality at the database layer.

“Next week, we will be announcing technology partnerships with the most important – the largest and most important SaaS companies and infrastructure companies in the cloud,” Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said, adding that its partners’ commitments will span across years.

“These partnerships in the cloud I think will reshape the cloud and reshape the perception of Oracle Technology in the cloud,” he continued.

Oracle, Salesforce and Netsuite working together isn’t anything new, but the addition of Microsoft to the mix comes as a surprise, given the long-standing rivalry between Redmond’s SQL Server and Oracle’s own offerings. One possibility is that the alliance could involve a working relationship between Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and Oracle in an effort to unite against Amazon Web Services.

Suspense will be building over the weekend, and you can check back with us on Monday for the final reveal of the partnership.