Microsoft Research has released a new application called ‘Blink‘ for the Windows Phone 8 platform that will help even the most amateur photographer get a shot at just the right moment.

Blink accomplishes this by shooting oodles of pictures in quick succession, denoted by a flashing of the screen, which can then be sorted through one at at time, allowing the user to save the best of the bunch. Think of the app as a way to shoot an exploded GIF of any moment, and pick the the choicest image from the lot.

If you want a good shot of someone going over a jump, Blink could help you snag a photo of the best angle, without you having to work too hard. Microsoft Research put together a stunningly soporific clip explaining the pretty neat app:

Snag it here if its your sort of jam.

It’s worth noting that a BlackBerry 10 announcement last year showed the inclusion of a similar feature, meaning Blink is hardly revolutionary. Nevertheless, it could be a fun feature extension for Windows Phone fans.

Top Image Credit: N i c o l a