If you are a Windows 8 using parent with kids who are looking forward to the Christmas holiday, NORAD has a gift for you.

NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, runs a fun service to help folks ‘track’ the jolly Saint Nick across the world during his magic fligth to bring happiness and presents to tots the world around.

Now, you can track the journey using not just your Windows Phone, iOS or Android device, but also your touchscreen laptop or other Windows 8 machine.

Here’s the application in action:

Happily, the application will function on a Windows RT device, so if you are one of those folks with a Surface tablet, you can run it on that as well.

As a public service to you parents out there, here are the download links that you need:

Happy holidays everyone, no matter what you celebrate or if you don’t celebrate at all. Good cheer is universal.

Top Image Credit: Kevin Dooley