Last year TNW joked that if you weren’t already into such things as the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP), there was no way to make it interesting for you; either the enterprise heats your jollies or it doesn’t.

That in mind, for you enterprise jocks, we have good news: MDOP 2012 is done, and it has a number of goodies that you will enjoy.

First up is App-V 5.0, which will let any specific user run essentially any application on their machine, without the need to install it. In the new version, it is now possible for virtualized applications to speak to one another, along with native apps, lessening friction between software.

Also in version 5.0 is a new web-based user interface that may help system administrators “centrally manage” their fleet of computers.

Complete in MDOP 2012 is Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset, or what is usually called DaRT 8. This recovery tool is now Windows 8 compliant, meaning that another barrier to enterprise adoption of Windows 8 – Start Screen aside – has been removed.

If that made no sense this of MDOP in the following way, from our previous reporting: “MDOP is a set of software wrenches that help run computers at a company smoother, and at a lower per unit cost.” As Microsoft improves the tool, those in enterprise IT can better run more machines for less money.

Sexy? No. Important? Yep. You can snag the code here, if it’s your sort of thing.

Top Image Credit: Tim Patterson