Microsoft pushes Surface banner ads suggesting preorders may open soon

Microsoft pushes Surface banner ads suggesting preorders may open soon

We’re little over a week until Microsoft’s big Windows 8 reveal and the launch of its Surface tablets, but the company’s eagerness to move ahead with its Web marketing suggests that consumers will get the chance to preorder the device a little earlier than first thought.

It appears that Microsoft (or an agency working on its behalf) pushed the button on a new Web banner campaign that has been showing up on prominent technology websites including Gizmodo and AllThingsD.

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The Verge noticed the ads, which alert users that the Surface tablets are “now open for preorder” and offer a “Buy now” link:

Clicking the link directs to a Bing search for “Surface Microsoftstore.”

Microsoft has remained fairly quiet in regards to its Surface launch, only recently moving forward with new TV adverts and opening a dedicated Surface Twitter account.

Microsoft has also begun making preparations on its official store, with a cached Google search displaying a placeholder for the device. The pricing is set to $0.00, waiting for Microsoft to finally reveal pricing (and following today’s new banners, possible preorder availability).

Image Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty

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