Leaked Windows 8 training videos detail how Microsoft will push and explain the operating system

Leaked Windows 8 training videos detail how Microsoft will push and explain the operating system

Today on Neowin, friend of TNW Brad Sams posted a number of Windows 8 training and explanation videos that detail how Microsoft intends to push its forthcoming operating system.

Windows 8 is a radical redesign of the Windows brand. Therefore, to use it requires a new knowledge base, which calls for educational help to get people up and moving. Microsoft’s coming holiday pop-up stores will provide such training, for example.

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Microsoft must train those, however, who shall teach the masses. Enter the following clips, which appear to be designed to instruct instructors about how Windows 8 works, and what points to hit on to make it seem not just palatable, but appealing. We’ll circle back after the clips:

What did you learn? I found the focus on mouse input to be quite interesting. The Surface remains out of sight for the moment, sure, but touch is a key component of the Windows 8 platform. The Live Tile focus was not surprising, as they are the components that make up the most eye-catching new element of Windows 8, its Start Screen.

Perhaps most critical to the clips is just how much there is to share; Windows 8 has so many new features and design choices, that I worry about how the average consumer will react to the software; what if they are given no nudge in a helpful direction? Let’s hope that the final onboarding procedures are both in-depth, and friendly to folks of all technological competence.

For now, watch the clips again, and peer into the mind of Redmond.

Top Image Credit: BUILDWindows

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