The fine folks over at Plaffo spotted two important points on the lockscreen of Windows Phone 8 devices in released videos: the inclusion of Facebook and Twitter notifications. It was previously known that Skype would also be featured.

However, as the crew over at WMPowerUser point out, “the notifications are of little use without a quick way to launch these apps,” going on to note that hope remains for Windows Phone 8 to pick up a notification center.

Now, to an image of the feature in action:

Windows Phone 8, the next generation of the Windows Phone firmware, is a large shift from its previous versions, not only bringing new features and visual elements, but moving to a shared core with the Windows product. As such, it will not operate on any hardware sold thus far.

To see both Facebook and Twitter included in such a prominent way is not surprising; the two networks have found inclusion in OS X, and on nearly every website online. For more on Windows Phone 8, head here.