Microsoft-owned Skype has today pushed new updates for its iOS apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, bringing new features which include the introduction of a long-awaited photo sharing feature, also tweaking them to reduce battery drain and improve navigation speed.

In both the iPhone and iPad apps, Skype now allows users to send and receive photos, but it has also updated its privacy settings and fixed bugs that previously stopped some users from making and taking calls over a Bluetooth connection.

Both the iPhone and the iPad app have been given a slight visual update too.

Having frustrated users over the way it rapidly drained battery life, Skype has made its apps “less battery hungry” when they run in the background, which should mean that if you want to leave it open to receive an important call, you should now be “able to answer Skype calls throughout the day when they come in.”

If you use Skype on a daily basis, the new update brings few new features, but it should mean your device lasts longer between charges.

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