The ever leading WPCentral has forced its Windows Phone handsets to the latest Tango build, 8773, uncovering more than a few important details in the process. Some things that they uncovered are new, and some things that were expected were missing.

If you’d like, you can dig back into where TNW last left the Tango story, with this post. It covered the best information at the time. Of course, now we have more. Here’s what you can expect in Tango moving forward:

  • A fresh crop of new wallpapers. This will be welcome to both new and veteran  users alike.
  • The ability to send ringtones via MMS. This one is utterly new to my ears, but potentially attractive to the younger population set.
  • Fixed app indexing user interface.
  • Potentially improved notifications.

While that list is welcome, some things, again according to WPCentral’s testing, are not to be found that were expected to be included. To wit:

  • The ability to export contacts to a SIM card.
  • Static IP while on WiFi.

All told, Tango is shaping up to be about what we expected it to be, a lean version of Windows Phone that lesser handsets can run, thus lowering the hardware requirements and handset prices of the line. This is all to help Microsoft enter markets that other smartphones cannot – to take Windows Phone into developing markets that may help it greatly boost its sales rate.

Tango is a developing subject, but one that we expect to become clearer soon. More as it comes.

Top Image Credit: Samuel Ericson