Owners of the popular PlayStation Vita handheld console will today be able to take advantage of a new Skype application, which will allow them to make and receive calls from the dashboard but also answer requests whilst they are gaming.

The Skype Video and Voice app for will hit the PlayStation Store later today in the US, working on both 3G+Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi only models. However, Vita owners in Europe and Asia will have to wait until tomorrow until they download the VOIP application.

The app itself takes full advantage of Skype’s voice and video technology, utilising the Vita’s front and rear cameras to cater for face-to-face chats. It will run in the background, immediately pausing a game when a call comes through and in some cases may operate during gameplay (if the title is not compatible with in-game pausing).

Add some credit to the Skype application and it becomes a cheap and easy way to call landlines and mobile phones directly from the gaming handheld.