Could it be? Windows 8 running on a tablet? [Pic]

Could it be? Windows 8 running on a tablet? [Pic]

Now let’s not jump to too many conclusions here, but it seems that the team over at This Is My Next just spotted Windows 8 running on a tablet form factor. At least, that’s what it appears to be at first glance. [Confirmed! It is Windows 8. Check our full coverage here.]

Here, judge for yourself:

New York, are you ready?

We’re building Momentum: an all killer, no filler event this November.

We’re waiting to see exactly what Windows President Steven Sinofsky does when he hits the stage at D9, but you can almost bet that there will be tablet talk and we’ll be covering all of the information as we find it. Can’t wait? Make sure to catch up on all of our coverage here.

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