Internet Explorer 9 is an important browser as it will, upon launch, move the majority of the internet using world to a modern, fast, compliant browser. While we still prefer Chrome, it is hard to deny that Internet Explorer 9 is a massive improvement on previous versions.

However, the tabs on IE9 are terrible. While it may sound like a small quibble, the tab structure of any browser can make it a pleasure to use, or a pain. Internet Explorer 9’s tabs are frustrating. If you want to know why, head here for a full overview.

News has come today that Microsoft has heeded complaints (we want to say that they listened to us, but we don’t have kind of clout) and is making a change to the tab format on Internet Explorer 9. Instead of having the tabs shoved to the right of the URL area, they will now get their own row. Sounds perfect, right? No. Watch the video below and see if you can spot the problem:

Yes, the tabs are now below the URL area, which is not above where they should be. Chrome users, ask yourself this: if I moved your tabs below your URL and search area, would you not cry? Of course you would.

Microsoft has almost fixed the tabs in IE9, and now all it needs to do is add a second option to put the damn tabs where they belong, above the URL bar. This ‘move the tabs below’ feature is expected to be released in the upcoming RC of IE9.