Microsoft organized a pre-E3 event to talk about Project Natal Kinect.

Rumors about Project Natal being christened Kinect started last month. Both Kotaku and Neowin got access to promotional material that confirmed the rumored name.

So what is Kinect? Essentially Microsoft’s answer to Nintendo’s Wii. With Kinect, Microsoft has eliminated the controller altogether. Simply stated, it is an add-on for Xbox 360 that uses a sensor containing cameras and microphones to enable you to interact with the system through gestures, spoken commands and other objects.

USA Today has information about 4 gaming titles developed for Kinect:

  • Kinectimals
  • Joyride
  • Kinect Sports
  • Kinect Adventures
  • Dance Central
  • Star Wars

We heard rumors about Xbox 360 Slim being launched at E3 and supposed flash files from Microsoft servers show the design:



Not particularly impressed by the looks, it reminds me of some old PC CPU towers.