Pandora AMPs up the music with new data and insights platform for artists

Pandora AMPs up the music with new data and insights platform for artists

Earlier this week we reported how Pandora wants to reward listeners with ad-free music for engaging with brands. Today, Pandora has announced it’s giving artists new tools to monitor and analyze fan-engagement on the internet radio streaming service.

With AMP (artist marketing platform), Pandora says it’s looking to ‘eliminate the guesswork’ by letting artists know which songs are performing well (e.g. track-spin counts and which are garnering the most ‘thumbs-up’). This could be used to help inform future singles or which tracks to perform live.

Pandora’s AMP

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AMP will also tell artists where most of its loving is coming from – for example, it could be used to tell them that they’re mega-popular in Melbourne, Australia. This data can then inform tour schedules.

Available in the US, Australia and New Zealand, Pandora claims more than 76 million monthly listeners, who tune in for an average of 20 hours each. That’s a sizable audience right there, so by providing data-rich add-on services for artists, it’s ensuring they’re making full use of the available data and maximizing their potential revenues..

Artists on Pandora: Introducing AMP

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