Netflix is already working on a dizzying number of original shows, but it’s just added a new genre to its growing repertoire of exclusive content. Starting in early 2016, the company will premiere a talk show hosted by comedian Chelsea Handler, featuring guest interviews and jokes about “topical entertainment and cultural issues.”

Original shows such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black have raised Netflix’s profile tremendously. For either show, the release of a new season is now highly anticipated and it’s become a powerful reason for new and existing users to maintain their monthly subscription.

The “binge-watching” phenomenon is well-documented, however, so it’s not surprising that Netflix wants to bulk up its library of exclusives to keep people engaged. Everyone has different tastes, which is why the company is experimenting with new formats – BoJack Horseman being a prime example.

Before the chat show airs, Netflix will release a one-hour stand-up comedy performance, based on Handler’s tour ‘“Uganda Be Kidding Me” Live’. It will be available on October 10 and based on her performance in Chicago, at the Harris Theater tomorrow. In addition, Handler will develop four “docu-comedy” specials exclusively for Netflix – these will be available during 2015.

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Featured image credit: ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images