The New York Times today announced NYT Opinion, a new digital subscription that offers readers a cheaper bundle of articles focused on commentary and analysis.

For $6 per month (or $1.50 per week) news junkies can access all of the articles in the publication’s online opinion section and also through its new NYT Opinion app for the iPhone. The latter is split into two separate streams; Today for a comprehensive list of opinion pieces from the New York Times, followed by Op-Talk for a curated mix of commentary from beyond the site.

Taking a page from read-it-later services such as Pocket and Instapaper, the new iPhone app also allows users to save articles under a section called My Reads. A follow feature that lets readers track their favorite columnists will be added in the coming weeks – just like the Guardian’s redesigned apps.


I suspect many people feel a full subscription for the New York Times is simply too much – few of us have the time to read a full newspaper every day – so breaking that content down into smaller chunks could justify a cheaper recurring payment. If the opinion section is one of your favorite parts of this iconic newspaper, this new package could be perfect for your needs.

NYT Opinion | iOS

Featured image credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images