Remember Gangnam Style? The song may no longer be fresh and PSY may no longer be unknown, but it continues to be hugely popular after it became the first video to break two billion cumulative views on YouTube.

We haven’t embedded this for two reasons: you’ve already seen it — you’re sick to death of it — and what’s cuter is this GIF that shows the amusing caricatures added by Google/YouTube to mark the milestone. (There was just one dancer when it reached one billion views.)


YouTube is emerging as a key platform for both mainstream and new media across Asia and other emerging markets, as we noted in a story last month. Not only does it give artists like PSY a way to have their music discovered worldwide, it has also lifted the barriers that saw content creators forced to work with big production or distributors to get air time.

From December 2012: PSY’s Gangnam Style becomes the first video to reach 1 billion YouTube views

Thumbnail image via FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / AFP / Getty Images