Yahoo-owned photo site Flickr hosts a wide collection of photos under Creative Commons terms, but a redesign late last month has seen it become very difficult to copy images and attribute them accurately according to their licenses, BoingBoing reports. Structured Creative Commons license data have been removed from the new Flickr pages (and trying to copy the attribution by hand is almost impossible), while they also don’t feature the standard CC license logos.

Now Boing Boing is taking a small step to try to fix that. Regular reader Cory Dodt has replicated his Flickr script called “attributr” which takes the structured licensed data in each Flickr image page and churns a snippet of text with the image permalink, its creator’s name and a link to the license it’s released under. The script is now hosted on github “so that it can be maintained when (inevitably) it breaks,” Boing Boing says.

Restoring CC attribution to Flickr, because Yahoo broke it [Boing Boing]

Image Credit: Shutterstock