Spotify today announced it would no longer be accepting new app submissions for the desktop versions of its music streaming service. For now, software that is already available through the App Finder will not be affected, although Spotify said it will only be processing “critical updates” for third-party apps moving forward.

For music enthusiasts, the app ecosystem was one of the biggest advantages for using the Spotify desktop client over the Web player. Apps such as Soundrop,, Pitchfork and Supper have broadened its feature set and helped listeners discover new music and expand their experiences on Spotify.

In a blog post, Spotify offered little explanation as to why it’s decided to reject new desktop app submissions. The company said its partners were requesting a simpler and cheaper way to “own a presence” across Spotify and wanted new ways to integrate its expansive library. “Pair that with the growing importance of mobile and we realized we needed to adapt,” the company said.

Pulling desktop app submissions feels like an odd solution, although Spotify said it would continue to develop its Web API and mobile SDKs. These will be its focus for working with third-party app developers in the future.

The success of the App Finder platform for third-party developers is difficult to judge. Either way, Spotify’s decision to effectively shutter the platform will undoubtedly be seen as a step backwards for some subscribers.

Image Credit: Ian Waldie/Getty Images