Following the multi-year deal it signed with DreamWorks last June, Netflix is gearing up to launch three new original TV shows in late 2014.

Puss in Boots and King Julien are spin-offs from Shrek and Madagascar – two of DreamWorks’ biggest hits to date – while the third is a reboot of VeggieTales, which will be called Veggie Tales in the House.

Netflix has already introduced an original series based on its partnership with DreamWorks though. Turbo FAST (Fast Action Stunt Team) debuted on Netflix last Christmas, following the big budget CG animated film that was released in theatres earlier that year. Notably, only some of the first season was made available – the second wave of episodes will premiere on April 4.

Given the success of both Madagascar and Shrek, as well as the demand for high-quality TV shows aimed at children, these originals should increase Netflix’s perceived value for new and existing subscribers.

Press Release (via Engadget)

Photo credit: ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images