Last October, you may remember a small orange sombrero appearing on the home screen of Moto X smartphones. It triggered an interactive film called ‘Windy Day’, which you could explore by physically moving the handset.

Motorola has now dropped a teaser video for its follow-up Buggy Night. It uses the same gorgeous, papercraft-inspired art style and returns to the charming, leafy forest created by Jon Klassen for the original Windy Night project.

Rather than following a small mouse called Pepe though, this particular adventure revolves around an as yet unnamed insect who like to shy away from the spotlight. Former Pixar animator Mark Oftedal – the character designer on Windy Day – is working on the new project but it’s unclear at this point whether Jan Pinkava (who directed Ratatouille) is returning as director.

The YouTube teaser says Buggy Night is “coming soon”. Watch this space.

Buggy Night (Via Google+)