iPods Linked To Hearing ProblemsAs Beats Music is set to launch in the US on Tuesday, another music streaming service will bite the dust — after Beats announced that MOG will be shut down on April 15, as first spotted by TechCrunch.

Beats acquired MOG, another music streaming service, for $14 million in July last year. The company was already working on Beats Music before the buyout, but subsequently accelerated the project’s internal development. 

In a Beats Music support page, it was revealed that MOG will stop accepting new signups shortly after Beats Music goes live, and the service will only remain available for use until April 15. Monthly billing will end on March 15 and all yearly subscriptions will be refunded on a prorated basis.

Existing MOG subscribers will be offered a one-month free trial of Beats Music, available starting March 15, with the goal to “convert as many MOG subscribers to Beats Music as possible.”

Image via Ian Waldie/Getty Images