Intuitive music discovery and accurate recommendations are notoriously tricky to implement in a music streaming service, which is where Gracenote help with its new Rhythm API.

The platform gives developers access to a new set of music suggestion algorithms, which can then be weaved into apps and services that offer radio stations, or infinite playlists based on a specific artist, album, track or genre. Available next month, it will also support like and dislike controls, similar to Google Play Music All Access, and the ability to “dial-up” and “dial-down” popular artists for obscure or indie recommendations.

Gracenote says it’ll be using its pool of music metadata – which spans over 180 million tracks – and feedback from its in-house team of music editors to power the new Rhythm API. The company currently handles over 550 million queries a day from listeners on a multitude of streaming services.

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Image Credit: David Ramos/Getty Images