Many independent bookstore owners deplore the introduction of ebooks and e-readers, but Amazon is hoping to earn their support with a new scheme that discounts Kindle hardware by up to 9 percent and gives them a 10 percent cut of future ebook sales.

Amazon Source is split into two initiatives called the General Retailer Program and the Bookseller Program. The first discounts Kindle devices bought for resale by 9 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, in addition to a 35 percent price cut on Kindle-related accessories.

The second offers a lower 6 percent discount on Kindle hardware, alongside the same third-off deal on Kindle accessories. Amazon is bolstering this offer, however, by giving resellers the option to earn a 10 percent commission on every ebook purchased from customers’ Kindle devices over the first two years.

To be eligible for Amazon Source, resellers must have a physical store and be able to provide “state resale exemption certificates for each state in which you have a store,” according to Amazon. The scheme is now widely available following a pilot program with several bookstores and a partnership with bookstore chain Waterstones since 2012.

Image Credit: YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images