NSA diagram

This week, The Guardian broke a sensational news story that revealed the NSA’s $250 million-a-year ‘Bullrun’ program that is apparently responsible for putting backdoors into consumer software for the purpose of monitoring.

Like the paper’s past reporting on the NSA and its Prism program, the scoop was a product of collaboration. The Guardian worked with the Washington Post to break news of Prism back in June, and this time it teamed up with the New York Times and ProPublica.

In an interview with Source, ProPublica’s Jeff Larson reveals how the story was put together over a two-month period that saw him spend two weeks in London poring over covert documents, before returning to the US and working out of the New York Times office.

Given the significance of the news and the investigative journalism that these news agencies are undertaking to report details of NSA programs, the interview is certainly an interesting read.

➤ ProPublica’s Jeff Larson on the NSA crypto story [Scoop]

Image via The Guardian, headline thumbnail via Thinkstock