Netflix has launched an updated app for its on-demand television and movie streaming service on the PlayStation 3 today, with a new design that makes it easier to access advanced audio and subtitle options.

The addition means that viewers can now manage these features from within the video player, without having to return to the top-menu interface. Simply hit “Audio & Subtitles” to see all of the options for that particular episode or film; this includes all available subtitle languages, surround sound options and dub audio tracks.

Likewise, PlayStation 3 owners that use the official Blu-ray remote control can access this functionality by pressing the dedicated “subtitles” button at any time.

translate 730x410 Netflix updates its PlayStation 3 app with faster ‘trickplay’ mode and easier access to subtitles

Netflix has also improved “trickplay”, which offers a series of screenshots to help users jump forwards or backwards through a particular piece of content with greater ease and precision. Images load much faster now, making it simple to discover and select the right scene.

Users can also quickly jump back 10 seconds by hitting the left arrow button either on the controller or remote controller. We’d like to see this feature expanded to include instant fast-forwarding; perhaps that will arrive in a later update.

PLAYMODE  0030 TRICKPLAY 4 730x410 Netflix updates its PlayStation 3 app with faster ‘trickplay’ mode and easier access to subtitles

Users can download the updated Netflix app right now on the PlayStation Network. An updated experience for Smart TVs and Blu-ray players “will be coming soon,” the company says.

Amazon-owned LoveFilm, which operates a rival streaming service in the UK, Germany and Scandinavia, rolled out version 2.0 of its PlaysStation 3 app earlier this month. The update included a refreshed search function and recommendation engine, as well as a new Watchlist feature.

Image Credit: Ryan Anson/AFP/Getty Images