Netflix, ladies and gentlemen has confirmedArrested Development, a beloved, highly quirky TV show, will be back for one last season in May 2013 with 14 total episodes, only to be available on Netflix.

This is an excellent play on Netflix’s part, as the company has put quite a bit of effort into strengthening its original content over the past year, and resurrecting a cult TV show will certainly gain the service new love from fans.

If you have yet to see the show, this is how you make me feel:

According to USA Today, creator Mitch Hurwitz says “the show will look very different” this time around, as only Jason Bateman’s character Michael Bluth will appear in all 14 episodes. This final season was apparently created from a “very, very complex puzzle,” says Hurwitz “assembled from scenes shot out of sequence over many months.”

While some may be worried that Arrested Development’s legacy will be besmirched, we’re simply loving the prospect of the show’s cast getting back together again.