WordPress.com has carved a rather sizable niche for itself in the hosted-website realm, and now it’s targeting city administrators looking for hosted Web space.

Its new dedicated Cities portal is what it’s calling the “go-to place to start a site for your city or other municipal body”. The company says it won’t charge users to get started.

Moreover, WordPress.com has rolled out a number of supplementary features in addition to custom domains, including starter content which automatically creates pages featuring the most commonly needed facets of city websites, including Parks & Recreation, City Hall, and Law Enforcement. Administrators just have to fill in the blanks.

Each city site will also include a sitemap link in the main menu to make it easier for visitors to navigate across the site
Events Calendar

Interestingly, WordPress.com will also include an integrated events calendar which displays all upcoming events, straight out of the box – all that’s needed is the URL of a Google or iCal calendar, and the site will update with new events automatically.

It will be interesting to see whether conurbations across the globe will jump on the opportunity to have a non-proprietary site for their residents, to help cut costs.

WordPress.com | Cities

Feature Image Credit – Thinkstock