CBS and Hulu announced an agreement where the network will make its library of content available to Hulu Plus subscribers. Based on this multi-year agreement, CBS content will begin to appear starting in January 2013 and will give subscribers access to more than 2,600 episodes from its library of shows.

The network says that Hulu Plus subscribers will now be able to watch its hit shows like “Medium”, “Numb3rs”, and “CSI: Miami”, or enjoy classical episodes from “Star Trek”, “I Love Lucy”, “The Twilight Zone” and others. Additionally, “a selection of CBS library shows” will be rotated in and out on Hulu’s website.

CBS’s partnership with Hulu adds to its growing list of content partners. It currently has more than 400 providers offering its users access to a wide range of programming, both current and classic, on its website and through Hulu Plus.

This is the latest venture by the network to expand its reach beyond the shores of the United States. Just last week, it signed an agreement with Netflix to bring its programming to Canada, Latin America, and the UK/Ireland. Previously, CBS and Hulu had licensing agreements in place for CBS-produced programming that aired on The CW and CBS on Hulu’s subscription service in Japan.

Hulu Plus offers subscribers unlimited instant streaming to their device of choice: television, smartphone, iPad, Playstation 3, etc. and costs only $7.99 per month. It is only available in the US and in Japan due to streaming rights.

Photo credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images