Looking to boost interaction between TV viewers and broadcasters via its second screen apps, Zeebox has partnered with digital video application maker Chyron to integrate its new ENGAGE social TV platform.

The partnership will provide new ways for broadcasters to open polls, votes and create Tweet battles to compliment their live programmes.

With its ENGAGE integration, broadcasters will be given the opportunity to publish directly to the Zeebox platform using their existing tools and services, delivering on-screen graphics, interactive controls and additional content without needing to develop custom processes.

Live TV shows, including live news and sports broadcasts, are likely to benefit from Chyron’s ENGAGE platform, allowing the show’s production team to coordinate their on-screen and second screen graphics, providing a consistent user experience during the broadcast but also in the app.

Zeebox says that it will “boost the ability of broadcasters to offer TV programming that grabs the attention of viewers and fuels greater interactivity. The app gives broadcasters a single program-based destination where fans can chat, share, and interact.”

In July, Zeebox launched its social TV service in Australia after it agreed a partnership with Network Ten, a free-to-air broadcaster in the country, and is set to launch in the US imminently, having appointed a US-based EVP in March.